Guys Hilariously Prank People Into Thinking They Are Russian Mafia (Video)

by Chris Riotta

Dimitri and his partner, Vova, are on a mission.

A mission that involves calling people from strangers' phones and demanding the ransom money for their loved ones.

In this new hilarious VitalyzdTv YouTube prank, men in suits on the street ask strangers for their phones.

Everyone thinks the same thing:

This gentleman must be pretty a pretty straight-laced guy. I mean, he's in a suit and all...

The guys even go so far as to ask whether the strangers who lent their phones would be interested in helping assist them by doing hitman jobs, like cutting off toes for money.

What's really crazy is someone accepts the offer.

The reactions from everyone are so priceless, and it just goes to show you should never trust a book by its cover. Especially if that cover has a creepy Russian accent...