Woman Gets Amazing Reactions From People Who Spot Her Poop Stain (Video)

So, here’s the situation: Break.com got a pretty girl in a bikini to walk around with a poo stain on her bikini bottoms and ask strangers to help her put sunscreen on at the beach.

Honestly, I could barely enjoy the rest of this video after the first guy. He was just the nicest person ever about seeing a girl with doo doo on her bathing suit. It was like he was born to politely inform people about their sharts.

I just hope that when the day finally comes when I’m in trouble with the brown devil, a guy like him will give me equally practical and compassionate advice.

He's the opposite of the guy later in the video who seems so entranced by the act of lathering up this girl with sunscreen, that by the end of it, he used nearly the entire bottle and she looks like she’s been dipped in yogurt.

He doesn't even notice the poop.