Pomeranian Protests His New Haircut In The Funniest Way Possible (Photos)

Pets can be surprisingly temperamental creatures despite having almost nothing to complain about compared to majority of animals in the world, and a recent series of photographs of a scorned Pomeranian shows exactly how far certain pets are willing to go to make a statement.

According to Rocket News, Jin Dan the Pomeranian was not pleased with the haircut he received at the groomer and decided to stage a protest by walking around on his hind legs for over two days. After taking him to the vet, it was determined that the problem was entirely psychological, and Jin Dan soon returned to normal.

Luckily for us, his owner decided to document the entire saga.

WARNING: There is a fair amount of furry dog penis below

Jin Dan, before the troubles began

After the haircut. Jin Dan does not look happy.

The words "Possessed Teddy Bear" come to mind for some reason

Being angry is no excuse for being indecent

Keep it in your pants, Jin Dan!

Indoors and out, Jin Dan stands in solidarity with himself

Jin Dan suddenly realizes his protests won't bring his hair back


H/T: Rocket News, Photos Courtesy: Baidu