This Guy Just Made The Perfect Parody Of The YouTube Ad Everyone Hates

Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur, business speaker and professional rich person who has a YouTube ad everyone hates.

It's the one that always starts with him saying,

Here in my garage, just bought this brand new Lamborghini here.

That's probably the exact moment when you press the skip ad button and free yourself from his capitalist clutches.

He claims to be able to help you become rich and happy, like he is. One of his ancient, secret techniques for achieving success is this: Don’t use the word money. Instead call it “fuel units." Yeah, this guy is full of that kind of horsesh*t.

Thankfully, one Good Samaritan decided to grace us with a parody of the insufferable rich dork.

He made the ad from the point of view of a regular person -- someone with a Honda Civic, a beer belly and crushed dreams. A person more like us.

Check out the original ad below for reference. But watch it at your own risk. He might infect you with his cool guy optimism.