People Are Sharing The Worst Things To Ever Happen To Them During Sex

Sex is weird. Fun but, like, also super weird.

There's slippery stuff happening and bodily fluids going everywhere and lots of moving around in close quarters.

It can be awesome and usually is, but the possibility of screwing up is pretty high and potentially pretty dangerous.

Your judgement is beyond clouded when you're getting it on, and this can lead to massively bungled plays, often magnified by the fact your genitals are at the forefront of whatever you're doing.

A Reddit thread devoted to dishing on the worst things to happen to users while having sex is probably the most intriguing and cringeworthy corner of the Internet you'll visit today... during daylight hours. (We know what you look at past 11:30 on a weeknight, and we're ashamed of you.)

JK. We do it, too.

Here are some erotically horrible highlights.

That's what I call getting "cop blocked."

This is a legit fear of mine.

Nothing like an EpiPen to the ding-dong.

Nothing like having sex with someone whose knees look like a retired NFL player's x-rays.

Never not a proper time for a good father-daughter chit-chat.

I don't know. I think this guy could have turned the situation around if you know what I mean... Ew, NVM.

I mean, he's not wrong.


That's 100 percent dedication to marine-life education right there.

This story didn't happen. Women don't fart.

I hope this guy never touches a woman ever again.

I mean, 4/10 isn't terrible, though. Like, that's still OK.

Oh. Cooooool.

This woman deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

This woman does not deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

THIS IS NOT COOL... Get it? Haha, good timez. We have fun here.

I'm never getting an erection ever again.

OK, great. Thanks, Reddit.