6 People Who Are Totally Winning At Life On Their Own Terms

by Rosey Baker

I'm thrilled to be writing this while simultaneously watching the finale from "Sister Act II: Back In The Habit" on repeat.

Not only do I feel like I'm winning by watching it, but that movie was an ode to everyone who lives their lives however the fuck they want.

The internet has made an entire world of people with no standards open themselves up to public humiliation and found, instead, they are raised up like heroes.


Because the internet loves people who play by their own rules, beat their own drum and own it like champions.

Here are a few of those internet heroes who are winning at life by doing their own thing and not giving a fuck.

1. This adult man on a tricycle.

He rolled into a Costco parking lot like an OG on training wheels.

Good thing he brought his helmet in case he falls off while tricycling around town. Tricycle accidents are nothing to fuck with.

2. This drunk mom.

Wow, we really can't avoid becoming our mothers, can we?

What I find impressive is that this mom still managed to gather them all around the table for a family dinner before proceeding to get drunk in front of the kids.

Guess I'd better think twice before I start complaining about mom's drinking next time I'm in therapy. This lady really seems to be nailing parenthood.

3. This old couple trimming eyebrows in a Panera Bread.

Some people want perfect health, some people want wealth and some people want a Nobel Peace Prize by the time they enter old age.

But, I want the kind of unconditional love that trims my eyebrows with kitchen scissors in a Panera Bread.

4. This guy's roommate.

TFW you're born with a middle finger up to the world so even as a baby, you're like, "GTFO my face!!"

5. The guy who works at this bakery.

This bakery worker has done what everyone wishes they could do when some customer thinks he or she is the first one to make the same stupid joke.

You like jokes, customer? HERE'S A JOKE FOR YOU, YA LOSER!

6. Everyone involved in this traffic jam.

Hey, this is America, and if you own a taco truck, you get to do business wherever there's a demand for it... even if you're profiting off of some terrible tanker accident where (hopefully) no one got hurt.

I hope these people have inspired you to get out there and live the life you were meant to live by being your most authentic self.

Because thanks to Millennials everywhere, not giving a fuck is finally starting to be appreciated in today's society.