15 People Who Lost Bets With Their Friends In The Worst Way Possible (Photos)


I'm told half the fun of being a multimillionaire is setting aside a few hundred thousand dollars or so that can only be used to make outrageous bets with other members of your exclusive gentlemen's club -- ideally in a room filled with leather chairs, cigar smoke and physical copies of "The Economist."

I'm sure I'd have a slightly different view if I had a few college educations worth of disposable income lying around, but I'm of the opinion that the most enjoyable wagers shouldn't involve any money at all.

If your punishment doesn't involve at least an hour of brainstorming and some sort of public humiliation, can you really call it a punishment at all?

The Internet is filled with pictures of people who've been on the losing end of some particularly regrettable bets, many of which involve fat, hairy men with their shirts off.

You've been warned.

I don't know how "pumping someone's gas" isn't a more popular euphemism.

His friends just call him "Havok."

The real losers of this bet were the people who probably had to put up with a terrible Borat impression for an entire day (and those moose knuckles).

"What's so bad about eating lunch in the bathroom?" thought the kid in the adjacent stall who does that every day.

At least this kid can eat lunch wherever he wants.

The last picture says more than I ever could.

She may have lost the bet, but she won the competition for best senior picture.

There's something about fantasy football that really gets the creative juices going... but wait, there's more!


On the bright side, this guy could probably frame the picture, call it "Frightened Panda In A Bamboo Forest" and sell it to someone who's way too into modern art.

People take fantasy hockey just as seriously. There's just a lot less chest hair involved.

Speaking of hair...

If you needed an excuse to avoid making a bet involving tattoos, I've got the perfect example.

I didn't think there was a way to make wet socks even worse.

It might just be casual Friday.

Here's a bonus video as a reward for not getting distracted by something else before getting to the bottom!

If you happen to have a spare 45 minutes, you can watch a guy who's bad at predicting the value of cryptocurrency literally eat his hat.

Hat Eater on YouTube