People Reveal All The F*cking Insane Things They've Done On The Job

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Most of us spend our workdays in constant fear of being fired for things that haven't happened yet -- be they waking up super late, insulting a customer or accidentally breaking a valuable piece of merchandise.

On Tuesday, Redditor Hakebc asked fellow users,

What's the most fireable thing someone has done but they kept the job?

Judging by the responses, there exists a percentage of the working community who give so few f*cks, they became members of an elite squad known as the "Unfireables."

"This company really appreciates your ability to multitask, Phil."

"We were due for a police raid anyway, Tom. Don't sweat it."

"Mike's just making sure everything works in there. Thanks, Mike."

"What can I say, Bill? You give a great speech."

"I disagree with you, Andy, but I gotta respect your candor."

"It's not Kyle's fault. He thought the silver stuff was Alex Mack."

"Lucy's just itchy, guys. You know, winter dryness."

"Don't let it haunt your dreams, Steve. Those riding mowers are tricky."

"Rusty's just makin' sure everyone's moisturized. You know, winter dryness."

"Gene just focuses better working from his mom's basement."


"Murder is one thing, but taking the spaghetti? Get. Out."

"Holy. Sh*t. Rob."

If anyone knows the real identity of bad boy camp counselor "Rob," hit me up with his number ASAP.