People Got Tricked Into Believing Sex Toys Were Actual Beauty Products (Video)

Testing beauty products comes with its fair share of risks.

Will my skin react to this moisturizer? Is this face mask supposed to burn? Will the chunk of hair that this curler burned off ever grow back?

In most cases, these risks do not involve mistaking sex toys for beauty products, which is a bummer because that would be hilarious.

Praise be to C Fashion, a group that recently saddled a group of unsuspecting consumers with a darling array of sex toys masquerading as objects from the beauty department.

A panel of people, whose ages varied widely, tested the products in a video called "Sex Toys or Beauty Products."

Of an unmarked tube of Anal Craze Lube, one woman claims,

It would be, like, a great stocking stuffer at Christmas.

When asked whether or not he would bring a full-sized vibrator to work, a man, who assumes it is a back massager, confides,

Probably, yeah, probably bring it to work. Put it in the desk drawer.

The real fun is in watching the people attempt to use the products. Unfortunately for all, anal probes these days just don't curl hair like they used to.

Once the true packaging is revealed, everyone appears to be in good spirits about the ruse.

Stocking stuffer lady even shares,

Hilarious! Wait 'til I tell my friend Vincenzo, he's gonna be screamin!

I can only hope Vincenzo enjoys this video half as much as I did.

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