These People Were Tricked Into Eating Actual Dog Food In A Taste Test (Video)

If this trick had been played on me, I'd literally sue everybody involved.

Our pets are essentially just smaller, furrier parts of our family, so why wouldn’t we feed them food fit for human consumption?

Freshpet is hoping to end the days of giving our cats and dogs ground up leftover meat gristle by helping us put fresh and healthy food into our pets' bowls instead.

In order to prove the food it provides is of passable quality, Freshpet had a chef cook up some Freshpet feed, transform it into gourmet tacos, burgers and meatballs and feed it to a panel of unsuspecting taste testers.

This is the cruelest prank of all time for a couple reasons.

For starters, in the video description, Freshpet warns that even though the food is technically fit for human consumption, you should probably avoid its chow in lieu of actual people food.

What are you hiding, Freshpet? What are you hiding?

Also, I don’t have pets at home, but now I have to be a little worried someone trying to save a few bucks is going to watch this video and think he or she can Bobby Flay some dog food chili and serve it to guests without mentioning what they’re really eating.

I wasn't even involved in this prank, but I'm now anxious about the thought of being fed dog food against my knowledge.

Freshpet isn’t completely heartless, though, and it did mention any child involved in the video who was under the age of 18 had parents -- horrible, terrible, awful parents, in my opinion -- who were in on the joke.

Did you have your fun, Freshpet? Good, because please never do that again.