Fake Pee Prank Causes Guy To Fall On His Ass In Bathroom Stall (Video)

by Connor Toole

The Internet has a tendency to beat trends into the ground before digging them back up and beating them back into the ground for good measure, and nobody does this better than people who spend their time making prank videos on Vine.

At some point in time, Vine user Lance210 discovered he could get followers by messing with people in public bathrooms, and since then, he's uploaded a number of videos where he sprays water under a stall to make the person inside think he's peeing on them.

I guess some people find that amusing.

However, his most recent installment features a bit of a twist.

I can't tell you if the person on the other side was in on the joke or not, but I do know there's no easy way to fake a fall like that.

That brings a whole new meaning to "falling on your ass."