These Two Drunk Guys Passed Out Spooning Each Other In A Park

True friendship is a rare and elusive sparrow: It flitters away from most of us, tragically out of reach.

But some among us are wise and quick enough to snatch that friendship-bird from the sky and hold the creature close to their hearts.

The rest of us just get drunk together. Because there's nothing like an apocalyptic bender to bring two people close together.

And that's what these two bros seem to have encountered.

These slumbering dudes were found Sunday morning, holding each other in a tender embrace.

They were still living but did not move or wake, and the person who documented the sleeping beauties left before they came to, so we know little about them.

And yet, they mesmerize us.

Of course, we are assuming they are passed-out, superhero-heterosexual drinkers who found they like to be held while sleeping, and not passed-out, superhero-homosexual drinkers who fell asleep next to their partner in crime (and love).

Whatever the story, I'd just like to sleep this soundly one day.

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