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15 Parenting Fails That Will Make You Use A Condom Every Single Time


Being a parent is hard. Really hard. You could be the smartest, most compassionate, most responsible person in the world and still f*ck up your kids.

After all, most people I know can barely do their own laundry. I have a friend who once peed into his laptop while drunk because he thought it was, and I quote, "a digital toilet." And he is going to be a father one day.

These pictures make a lot more sense when you think of it that way.

1. Listen, sometimes you just have to prioritize.

2. OK, yes, duct taping your kid to the wall is bad. BUT, it's nice they gave her a friend. Also is that a duck? Because, like, good pun, guys.

3. People on molly + Your newborn baby = A really fun time.

4. This picture is punk as f*ck.

5. "Cup holders are cupholders are cupholders are cupholders" - Gertrude (Beer)Stein

6. OK, this is very bad. But it's also... like... um... very, very funny.

7. MacGyver had a kid.

8. They had to buy these shirts. They paid money for them.

9. Kids get payback for #6.

10. "Next year we are dressing little Tommy up as a dental dam."

11. The best time to take a picture of your child is when you are in a confined space and he did the bad thing in his pants.

12. The expression kills me.

13. Ugh, I hate seeing parents like this.

14. By the way, this is what all the kids from the previous pictures grow up to look like.

15. And this is a picture of that guy's parents.

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