13 Genius Office Pranks That Would Make Jim Halpert Proud


Lately, I've been re-working my way through the first few seasons of "The Office" (and by "re-working my way through," I mean "doing nothing but watching the show whenever I am conscious"), so all I can think about are office pranks.

Unfortunately, I am also incredibly lazy and lack the stamina to pull off any prank more complicated than telling a co-worker about their vile pit stains (PRANKED BY THE TRUTH).

So, to slake my thirst for office trickery and mischief, I went online to check out what pranksters far more committed and far more talented than myself have pulled off.

And, luckily for you, I've gathered all my favorites for you here.

Enjoy. And definitely try these at home.

1. Taking the "standing desk" to the next level.

2. God, Nicolas Cage is in everything these days.

3. Excellent work.

4. This one is going to end in murder.

5. But where did they get so many multicolored miniature bowling balls?

6. This, if you can't tell, is a prank that involves filling a co-worker's car with lady bugs.

Oh, and by the way, if you look closely, these two lady bugs are f*cking.


7. This one is just a total delight.

8. Jim actually does this in "The Office." You have learned well, prankster.

9. Unfortunately, some people don't like pranks...

10. ...AT ALL.

Some excerpts from this formal complaint to "David" (of David and Goliath, I presume):

At no time are you permitted to change the thermostat setting in Simon's office. At no time are you permitted to pretend to be Simon Dempsey while answering the telephone. At no time are you permitted to dance in Simon's office. At no point are you permitted to glue anything to, on or near Simon's desk. At no time is Simon to be referred to by any name but his own. All references to Bob the Badger, Mr. Bobbity head and Señor Bob... are to be changed back.


11. But that doesn't stop genuine pranksters, who will go to great lengths for a prank...


13. Seriously, I've never spent this amount of time doing anything.