'Nurse' Checks Guys' Testicles In Public To Raise Money For Men's Health (Video)

Guys always want their junk touched, right?

Wrong. It turns out that even when men are offered free testicular exams in public from a sexy nurse, most will shy away from the opportunity. (Maybe Halloween would have been a more appropriate time?)

In honor of Movember, the guys from Simple Pickup hit the streets of Los Angeles to raise awareness for testicular cancer by giving free exams administered by a hot, unregistered "nurse."

For every man who volunteered, Simple Pickup donated $100. The catch?

It had to be performed on the street. (We promise the video is a lot more safe for work than this post suggests.)

Unfortunately, only six men agreed (guys, what's wrong with you?) bringing the total amount raised to $600.

Since that's still not enough, for every 100,000 views this video gets, they're donating an additional $100 to the Movember campaign.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out this video now and support a good cause.