Nothing Will Make You Feel As Old As This Little Girl's Reaction To A Payphone


An Imgur user posted a photograph of his daughter seeing a payphone for the first time. Her reaction is both very funny, and very reasonable.

After all, to her, phones look like rectangles that you can play games and watch Netflix on. What is she supposed to make of a big iron box with a metal cord attached to a black plastic banana?

The comments on the photograph are mostly people telling stories of their own children, nieces, nephews, younger brothers, etc., doing the same thing — that or bringing up other relatively modern things that seem completely ancient now:


Then, of course, there was this important observation:


Fuck, it's just so funny to think about the things we use and do now that will seem completely archaic and old to future generations.

Like Tinder, for example.

Imagine trying to explain Tinder to your grandchildren, when they're busy, I dunno, having sex with robots with LED screen faces that you can upload your crush's face onto if they consent.

YOU: “OK, so it's this app—“ KID: “What's an app?” YOU: “An app is an application on your phone—“ KID: “What's a phone?” YOU: “It's like a computer that you carry around.” KID: “You CARRY it? Why don't you just have it in your brain like me?” YOU: “I dunno, you little shit. We just used to carry our computers around.” NSA Robot: “You have been fined 10 credits for cursing.” YOU: “Fuck you.” KID: “You have been fined 10 credits for cursing.” YOU: “I miss Snowden.” KID: “But what is Tinder?” YOU: “It's why I fucked your grandmother and made your mom.”

Prepare yourself. That is a conversation you are going to have. I would know. I time-traveled to the future to acquire it. Time machines are everywhere in 2069. By the way, Suri Cruise is president of the Ameurope Kingdom by then.

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