Nasty Note From Facebook Friends Asks Mom To Stop Posting Baby Photos

Everyone gets a little annoyed when moms post a thousand pictures of their squirming, brand new human babies to Facebook, but we usually don't say anything.

Why? Because telling someone to stop posting pictures of their 6-month-old baby is like telling someone to stop laughing at the funniest joke they've ever heard.

But one mother's group of friends felt very differently.

Jade Ruthven, a mother from Australia, had been posting a lot of pictures of her newborn to Facebook when she received this very mean letter:

Warning: These women are monsters.

Here is a picture of the sort of disgusting, worthless, stupid baby pictures Jade was posting:

Doesn't that just make you want to puke? I mean look at that stupid baby. Who wears flower headbands? This isn't the '60s, baby. Grow up.

Also, she “got together with a few of the girls?" Like they had an actual secret meeting about this? That's the lowest stakes evil organization I've ever heard of.

Luckily, we at Elite Daily have received a recording of that nefarious meeting. Here is a fragment:

Hello, fellow girls, I called this meeting to discuss the methods by which we may STOP Jade from posting DISGUSTING BABY PICTURES. I hate babies. I never photograph mine. I try to not even look at it. Seriously, I never look down, in case I might see it.

We were unable to find a picture of the secret evil meet-up, but we believe it looked something like this:

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