There's Actually A Ned Flanders-Themed Metal Band, Because Why Not

Over the weekend, I was sitting around with a few friends discussing the most pressing topics of our day, like the largest animal Ronda Rousey could beat in a fight (an emu) or whether or not everybody actually loved Raymond (they didn't).

After a while, we started to talk about an issue that inevitably comes up every single time we've gotten together over the past couple of years: What's up with the lack of Ned Flanders-themed metal bands in this world?

Thankfully, a group of Phoenix-based musicians finally solved one of the world's greatest crises by forming a band called Okilly Dokilly, a name they say they came up with while trying to dream up an innocent name for a hardcore band.

Clad in the trademarked attire of the wholesome neighbor from "The Simpsons," the group continues to define their sound as they prepare for their first live show in September.

It's probably not something Ned would listen to.

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