Name That Celebrity Mustache: The Game You Must Play This Movember

Happy Movember! This November, men (and some women...) across the country will be participating in the month-long event involving the growing of mustaches to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancers and associated charities.

There are so many iconic celebrities that we naturally think of when it comes to signature mustaches, but could we spot those mustaches if we saw them off their faces? Let's find out in this exciting edition of "Name That Mustache!"


a) Albert Einstein  b) Stone Cold Steve Austin c) Hulk Hogan


a) Anne Hathaway b) Borat c) My Uncle


a) Ron Swanson b) Tom Selleck, c) Bill Buckner


a) Sean Connery b) Geraldo Rivera c) Dakota Fanning


a) Denzel Washington b) Michael Jordan c) Black Hitler


a) Russel Simmons b) Craig David c) Lionel Richie


a) Ron Burgundy b) Ricky Bobby c) My Uncle


a) George Washington b) Teddy Roosevelt c) Albert Einstein


a) Cousin Skeeter  b) Swedish Chef c) Mitt Romney


a) Ron Burgundy b) Ron Swanson c) Yolanda Vega


a) Denzel Washington b) Michelle Obama c) Steve Harvey


a) a walrus b) Andy Reid c) Andy Reid Baby

Answer Key:

1. c) Hulk Hogan

2. b) Borat

3. b) Tom Selleck

4. b) Geraldo Rivera

5. b) Michael Jordan

6. c) Lionel Richie

7. a) Ron Burgundy

8. c) Albert Einstein

9. b) Swedish Chef

10. b) Ron Swanson

11. c) Steve Harvey

12. c) Andy Reid Baby