17 Uber Users Who Should Just Take Cabs From Now On (Photos)

Over the past few days, Uber has come under fire for its surge pricing system that resulted in at least a couple of people being being charged hundreds of dollars for a ride home on Halloween night.

It's a pretty well-known fact that Uber boosts its prices at busier times, and I'd argue that most people with a little bit of common sense would realize that they're probably not the only ones taking advantage of a major drinking holiday falling on a Friday.

There's also the part where you have to agree to the surge before confirming your ride, but drunk people don't always make the best decisions.

Those decisions are normally regretted by hungover people a few hours after they stumble back home, especially when they discover they managed to spend hundreds of dollars to get chauffeured from a bar.

I've compiled a list of people who managed to spend more money on a ride than I previously thought possible, taking the time to figure out what they could have bought if they didn't have to deal with the unexpected bill (relating it to a piece of information of the receipt when possible).

It only gets worse the further you scroll down.

$133.10, which you could also use to buy Tenacious D's "City Hall" 134 times on iTunes

$161.00, or 92 small iced teas at the Starbucks near my office (before sales tax)

$169.86, or the price of one adult ticket to Universal Orlando and one children's ticket to the Blue Man Group

 $234.00, or close to the amount it would cost to buy 55 copies of Shaggy's single "Angel" on CD (shipping not included)

 $336.60, or about 54 16-ounce cans of Surge based on the current asking price on Amazon

$357.00, or close to 56 copies of Shaquille O'Neal's "I'm Outstanding" on cassette via eBay

 $362. 57, the same amount it would have cost to have bought nine Ice Bucket Challenge costumes for Halloween

$426.71, or enough money to buy the first 142 episodes of "South Park" individually on iTunes

$443.00, which could have bought around two ounces of high quality marijuana at select dispensaries in the Denver area

$539.00, which you could use in the nearby town of Golden to buy about 30 30s of Coors Banquet

$656.00, or close to 109 copies of "Pretty Woman" on LaserDisc on eBay

$814.00, which would cover the processing fee for five visa applications in the United States

$873.00, which could pay for two round trip tickets between New York and Los Angeles on select dates in November

 $973.00, which you could use to rent a room for a full week in a luxury apartment complex in the Sydney

Last but not least, we have $4.28, which could buy the amount of Gatorade this guy probably needed to recover from the hangover caused by the alcohol that made him think this ride was a good idea