Moms Hilariously Talk To Each Other The Way They Talk To Their Kids (Video)

The way mothers talk to their children is almost its own separate language.

A series of extreme tones and accompanying facial cues surely makes for clear communication between mother and child, but it's generally inappropriate in interactions with fellow adults.

A new video by The BreakWomb titled “If Moms Talked to Each Other The Way They Talk to Their Kids” puts mommy language to the test, and surprise, these ladies can sound pretty bossy.

Still, moms are also amazing for their praise of minor achievements. When Molly realizes Laurel is wearing a new shirt, she gushes,

Oh my goodness! Did you pick it out yourself?… Look at the big girl with her pocket!

Worship like that just doesn’t happen when you’re all grown up. So what if moms are a little strict? I still want to hear how great a job I did eating my chicken nuggets.