Mom Breaks Down When Husbands Should Approach Their Wives For Sex (Video)

Apparently, determining when you should ask your wife to have sex is a very delicate operation.

In Emily Wright’s YouTube video “Mum code,” the Australian mom goes into great detail describing the ideal times for men to initiate sex with their wives.

With these charts, consent literally has no blurred lines.

Seriously, she makes graphs that use lines to very clearly depict when your wife will consent to sex.

At the beginning of the video, Wright explains,

You have plenty of opportunity to have sex with your wife -- you're just not paying attention to the mum code.

The factors contributing to a wife's interest in her husband range from the tidiness of the house to how recently she's gotten a haircut.

Everyone can learn something from watching this video; confused husbands will learn how to optimize their sex lives, and young ladies can see what they have to look forward to!