This Mom Literally Kills The Game With Her Back-To-School Photo Post

Other moms better step up their back-to-school games RUL quick, because Jessi Kittrell is crushing it.

Saying the words “back to school” will evoke a completely different emotional response depending on who is in the room when you drop that phrase.

For children, those three small words bring about horror, fear and a realization that the two and a half months they waited for all year have officially come to an end.

For adults, though, there is no sweeter combination of letters in the English dictionary -- except for maybe “tax rebate."


Photographer Jessi Kittrell either loves the concept of having her kid board a bus and head back to school too much, or she is the only one willing to admit how much of a sweet victory the month of September is to parents everywhere.

For comparison, this is how other moms chose to send their kids off to the first day of classes.

OK, Instagram moms, while you're being all sentimental and stuff, Jessi Kittrell will be here throwing back mimosas and enjoying quiet for the first time in months.

Bye, Felicia.

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