This Model Is Traveling The World With Her Infamous Poop Emoji Pillow (Photos)

Model and actress Nargis Fakhri is blowing up Instagram with a very peculiar picture series.

She takes photographs with a smiling poop emoji pillow -- you know the one.

The poop plushy was a gift (I'm guessing it was given to her by her dear friend Allen J. Fiber), and now, she takes it all over the world.

Really, it seems this model and I actually have a lot in common. You know, because poop runs our lives.

So call me, Nargis, and we can discuss my bowels over a glass of Lactaid.

The only time I've ever been this excited about seeing my poop was this one time I had too much Imodium and didn't poop for five days.

Unlike my poop, which I keep inside me, her poop is carried around like a tiny dog.

Look at its cruel eyes and taunting smile.

Imagine how pissed off you'd be (walking to coach) passing this smug little sh*t.

I hope she used her frequent doodoo miles.

Sleeping in the same bed and unmarried. Honestly, I'm scandalized.

It only ever wants to do anal.

Poop helps her out on modeling shoots.

It's very doodoogenic.

Here it is not contemplating suicide.

I hope you fall into the water and turn into diarrhea.

I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt and assuming she pooped this poop at least 21 years ago.

I know for a fact that young man is still warm!

And you thought bestiality was bad.

It's OK, they're in love!

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