Lifestyle — This 'Millennials Of New York' Video Perfectly Parodies Finance Bro Culture

It's such a weird thing that a career as boring and numbers-oriented as finance should breed an environment that makes most frats look like backstage at "Sesame Street."

I mean, accountants are quite well paid and stare at numbers all day, just like investment bankers, but you never hear about an accountant getting caught doing lines of coke off a prostitute's prosthetic leg in the bathroom of a Chuck E. Cheese's.

You could say it's just the sheer amount of money being thrown around that turns people into soccer hooligans in suits. But then, what about the people working in Silicon Valley? They have more money than God and are not punching trees and calling police horses homophobic slurs all the time.

This parody video from "Millennials of New York" takes a look at the process by which a new hire is indoctrinated into the bro culture of the finance world.

As he tells it, he got into finance because he is "genuinely fascinated by microeconomic theory," but now, he spends all his time trying to fit into the sexist bro palace that is America's banking system.

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