7 Millennials Respond To An Actual Landline Ringing In The Office


OK, y'all. I'm an "old" Millennial. I had an actual desk phone on my desk at one point way back at my first job.

I actually even had one at my last job, but I didn't know what the phone number was and I don't remember it ever ringing. These days, I put my cell phone number in my email signature and get angry when someone calls it, like a proper young person.

So I was right there along with my slightly younger co-workers when an actual landline phone just rang in our office a few minutes ago.

Seriously, it was a low level of panic in here.

Naturally, Elite Daily employees took to Twitter to share their shock and confusion during the dramatic moment.

Luckily, our fearless editor-in-chief was here to figure out what to do:

We did it, team!

Seriously, though, please don't call us again. You scared the sh*t out of all of us.