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What The Millennial Olympics Would Look Like

I can't say for sure what the Olympics would look like if it were run by Millennials, but I can tell you what the crowd would look like: hundreds of thousands of excited fans on their phones tweeting about it.

If Millennials were really to have their own Olympics, the competitors would consist of all the job titles our generation has created, like influencers, personalities and YouTubers.

And what would the Olympics be without the judges? Of course the Millennial Olympics wouldn't grade on a 10-point system because we'd all judge each other!

Anyone can vote, like, heart, star or send the snail emoji for all we care. We all know the person with the most followers will win regardless of the rating.

We'd still keep the Millennial Olympics international, and it'd be so much easier because it would all happen online! Why interact with each other and meet in one place when we don't have to leave our homes to compete in a Netflix Marathon?

The Netflix Marathon would by far be the most challenging long distance event. The race could last days, even weeks between the laziest competitors. Rules would be put in place to regulate the binge, however. Seamless orders would be off limits, because we wouldn't want this event lasting for years.

Just like our generation's fitspo models, we wouldn't rate players based on who was more athletic, but rather who looked the most athletic through their Instagram account. This event would have to be highly regulated because pictures could be skewed in many ways. Everyone would have to use the same mirror and phone. There would be refs looking over their shoulders to make sure they used no outside apps and everyone would be allowed one filter each.

GEN WHY is back for Season 7 to remind you the Olympics are on TV since you probably didn't know, because you're a Millennial.

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