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Meet The Millennial Boyfriend Who Does Anything For His Girlfriend

For many of us, our 20s are a time for indulging — a brief 10 years when we can be self-involved, ditch commitments, date whomever and spend frivolously. Every once in a while, though, we meet someone who's different: someone who's mature, wise, loving and generous.

And when that happens, you lock that person's ass down and thank the heavens above that you're lucky enough to be with someone who's not a megalomaniac. I mean, you've pretty much landed a unicorn.

In this "Millennials of New York" video, we interviewed Reid, a total guy's guy. His take on relationships:

They're all about give and take. Sometimes, a little more give than take, though.

He's the faithful companion of Dana, who constantly forces him to do what he dubs “chick stuff," which, he explains, comprises everything from weekly brunch dates with friends to tons of yoga classes.

Being the great boyfriend he is, Reid is with her through it all, even though he'd probably trade in that Stoli Raz Mule for a beer… or so we thought.

What unfolds is a portrait of a man bending to pressures from stereotypes, until one particular brunch pushes him over the edge. Watch as a man bucks society's expectations and finally comes into his own in this parody video.

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