Mark Hamill's Autograph Messages Are The Funniest Things You'll See Today


After "Star Wars," Mark Hamill kind of became the king of voice work.

This shocked me when I learned it, but among a billion other roles, Mark Hamill was the voice of the Joker in "Batman: The Animated Series." Yeah, kind of makes you see the blond, one-handed, whiney, do-gooder Jedi Jesus in a different light.


And it might help explain his particular style of autographing.

One Imgur user compiled a bunch of Mark Hamill's autographs together -- mostly on "Star Wars" collecting cards -- and they're f*cking amazing.

Dude is a straight-up goofball.

This one destroys me.

If I was ever given this card, I'd laminate it and wear it around my neck every day.

C-3PO must've seen a particularly shiny bolt on the Millennium Falcon.

Maybe that's why C-3PO was always so mad at R2-D2 -- dude wouldn't put out.

Is this a reference to the fact that when he cuts open this snow camel in the movie it smells bad or is he suggesting this is his giant, monster-faced penis, and it smells bad?

Also, the caption of this card: "LUKE ASTRIDE HIS TAUNTAUN." Chill out, card makers. Just chill out.

Please note his usage of handwritten BOLD TYPE here. He is a professional.

This is a photograph of George when he still had a chin, and, you know, rights to his life's work.

I have nothing to say here. This is the best thing ever.

When you call 555-Weed, ask for Ben.

Dark, Mark. Dark.

Uncle Owen should've let him get those power converters. Just saying. Dude could've died without regrets.

Basically, no one related to Darth Vader in any way should be having children. Half of this family becomes a serial killer.

Skywalkers need to start using condoms. The force is only effective 90 percent of the time.

Most likely to save the universe. Least likely to be able to clap by the time he's 25.

Don't we all, Mark? Don't we all?

Everyone knows Tosche Station is where all the hot droids are.