Man Destroys Annoying Drone By Literally Throwing A Spear Through It


Drones are rapidly developing and fairly unregulated forms of technology that can be used for good but also have tendencies to annoy a fairly sizable segment of the population, which basically makes them the vapes of things that can fly.

While there are some people who would argue drones have the potential to be the future of fishing and the new NASCAR, drones have also sparked plenty of discussion concerning privacy and people's God-given right to lie naked on their rooftops without being spied on by robots with cameras.

This week, the succinctly named International Festival of Historical Reconstruction of the early Middle Ages was held in Russia, and someone decided to bring his or her drone along to film some footage of the event.

This didn't sit well with at least one of the historical reconstructors participating in the festival, as there's a reason there's such a lack of aerial footage of medieval battles (and that reason is drones weren't invented yet).

Our hero emerged from the crowd with a spear in his hand and did his best Obara Sand impression as he heaved it at the drone, somehow managing to knock it out of the sky and put an end to the mechanical threat, once and for all.

According to one of the festival's organizers, the spear had a softened tip to minimize the risk of injury, and the drone was brought to the ground with only minimal damage (which the spear thrower offered to pay for after the fact).

This is the last time I laugh at LARPers.