Little Kid Leaves Teacher Polite Warning About Gross Snot On Spelling Test

A teacher's colleague posted a hilarious screenshot of a student's test to Snapchat.

The kid in question is simultaneously pretty gross and extremely polite.

See for yourself.


OK, there is a lot to unpack here.

First of all, this kid has some real wet snot. That would imply he or she is genuinely sick, which means there was a strong ethical motivation for the note he or she left on the test.

The note was succinct, unembarrassed and to the point. In case you can't make it out, it said,

Do not touch is snot it fell from my nose.

Two things:

1) Thank you, young child, for specifying where the snot fell from. I would have been extremely worried if the snot had fallen from your hair or elbow, or mouth.

2) The kid got a 91 on the test while sick. He or she is basically the Michael Jordon of spelling tests.

If you don't get the above reference, you need to go watch some serious YouTube videos of MJ playing in the NBA finals with the flu. Go educate yourself, you fucking nerd.

Considering the fact that children are Petri dishes for ailments and bacteria -- they have undeveloped immune systems, put everything in their mouths and are bad at using their bodies -- this kind of consideration speaks volumes about the character and morals of the child in question.


Am I reading too much into this? Maybe. But if it was me, I would've added a few more droplets of mucus, circled them and written,

Don't worry, this isn't snot. I was just crying because all the samurai die in 'The Last Samurai' except the white guy, played by Tom Cruise. Also, yes, my dad let me see 'The Last Samurai,' and I'm just a little kid, and there is so much killing and alcoholism in that movie. Anyway, hope all is well. Best, Alec

That's what I would've written.