Little Boy Meets His Heroes And He Literally Can't Even

The Internet is loaded with overtly cute content. It's gotten saturated to the point at which we've become numb to seeing baby giraffes, penguins falling down and other things that would normally send our "aww" meters off the charts.

Things that would be the highlight of our day in 2008 now barely elicit a sensible chuckle or excess air from our nostrils.

Forget all of that, this photo might be the cutest darn thing we've ever seen.

A little boy named Quincy wanted to show his heroes his toy, and when he had the chance, his reaction was akin to that of a "Belieber" meeting Justin Bieber.

Quincy's heroes are sanitation workers, and the moment he finally meets them was thankfully captured in this incredible photograph. Look at it. Bask in its glory.

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