LinkedIn Bios Sound Absolutely Ridiculous When You Say Them Out Loud (Video)

I don't have a LinkedIn account, probably because I am not an adult and have no aspirations.

But people tell me having one is very important and having a good one is really helpful.

According to this video, however, where actors read actual profiles out loud, there is no such thing as a good LinkedIn account.

Apparently, the only people who use LinkedIn are karate sensei tech entrepreneurs who have part-time jobs as porn stars.

That's the only conclusion I can come to when I hear, "I don't run away from fires, I run toward them," and "I don't call them meeting MEETINGs, they are DOINGs!" and "Pitch meetings... get me going..."

If you're having trouble picturing the actual people these profiles belong to, just picture a fat Bradley Cooper wearing a fedora and you'll be spot on.

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