Latex Condom Underwear Is Great Birth Control Because You'll Never Get Laid (Video)

Have you ever looked at a condom and thought, "I wish this covered more things?"

I'm assuming most people would answer "No," but most people aren't Addison Sears-Collin, the cofounder of Scroguard. The company takes safe sex to the next level with a product that wraps your entire groin in a layer of latex.

The FDA hasn't technically approved the device, but the company claims it's perfect for people who have acquired a lifelong friend in the form of a highly visible STD. It might kill the mood a little bit, but in fairness to Scroguard, open sores tend to elicit a similar reaction.

If you want more detail, I suggest you watch the (kind of) NSFW video that was undoubtedly produced by a Taiwanese animator sometime in 1997. I can't promise you'll enjoy it, but I can promise you'll be a little more enlightened.

H/T: Huffington Post