'Face Weaves' Are The Beards For Hipsters Who Can't Grow Their Own (Photos)

A few years ago, facial hair started to make a comeback. As more and more people began to grow beards, those who love attention started to sport styles like mutton chops and curly mustaches to let the world know they're insufferable.

As the hipster identity is increasingly corrupted, it's a lot harder to be quirky than it used to be.

Luckily, there's an option out there for people who want to rock facial hair that literally no one else would, and it comes in the form of a lace front beard.

I'm not exactly an avid viewer of "America's Next Top Model," but according to Clutch, an episode from this season features Tyra Banks fitting a contestant with a "face weave," which involves cutting up a weave and gluing it to your face.

It works about as well as you would think.

Nothing says "manly" like gluing a beard to your face.

 You can barely tell it's fake.

The real reason he got it was so he could slowly stroke it while pondering the mysteries of life.

It's like a dust ruffle for your face.

This might be the only time that mole on his nose wasn't the first thing people noticed.

Her looks says it all.

The style hasn't become mainstream yet, which means there's never been a better time to hop aboard the bandwagon.

Photos Courtesy: The CW/Buzzfeed