This Woman Woke Up From Wisdom Teeth Surgery Thinking She Was Kylie Jenner

They say a person's taste in comedy changes over time, but I maintain there are three things I will find funny until I exhale my final breath upon my death bed: farts, anything involving the number 69 and videos of people in drugged-up stupors after they get their wisdom teeth out.

There's just something about watching people in incredibly vulnerable states say whatever comes to mind without those pesky filters we all normally rely on to keep our most private thoughts private that never fails to entertain.

The best part of these videos is you never really know what direction the people are going to go.

Some people profess their love for Justin Timberlake, while others simply lose their perspectives of time and are forced into existential crises.

In this particular example, Emma wakes up, feels her lips are swollen and comes to the logical conclusion: She must be Kylie Jenner.

It turns out being a member of the Kardashian clan is harder than you think.