Loopy Girl Has Hilarious Car Ride Home After Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed (Video)

Normally I try to stray away from posting videos that have an overly imposing runtime, and while this "clip" is technically 15 minutes long, I guarantee you'll be drawn in once you decide to commit at least a couple of minutes.

Savanna Curtis was filmed on the car ride home after having her wisdom teeth taken out, and thanks to the after effects of anesthetics, the conversation almost never fails to entertain.

From professing her love for Justin Timberlake to asking if her dad thinks she's a lesbian, there is no shortage of topics covered and the stream of consciousness ranting never really gets old.

After watching this video, I'm going to take extra precautions to avoid situations that would require the use of whatever drug Savanna was on.

While I admire this girl's sense of humor and the fact that she posted this video even after watching it, she definitely said stuff on this car ride that she probably never wanted anyone to hear.

I have enough trouble keeping my mouth shut without the help of medical grade painkillers -- I can't even imagine what kind of stuff I would say if I didn't have a filter.

The last thing I need is to come out of surgery and face the silent treatment from every person I've ever known and loved. Thanks, but no thanks.