These Adorable Kids Try To Help Their Parents Clean And Just Completely Fail


Spring cleaning is one of those things you keep hearing about as you grow up but never see actually happen -- you know, like Santa Claus or achieving your dreams.

Maybe the idea derives from the fact when good weather comes around, people try to pretend they aren't lazy slob-monsters who will always live in squalor. Basically, it's like the day after New Year's, but instead of going to the gym for a week, it's throwing out perfectly good old pajama bottoms.

Thankfully, here is a video representative of people's actual feelings toward spring cleaning. In it, we see a bunch of adorable kids trying to clean like their parents and failing spectacularly.

My favorite is ABSOLUTELY the kid who keeps wiping up the milk he is continually spilling as he cleans. It's like a visual poem of despair.

These children encapsulate the epic struggle that is being adults. We all are lost, confused, want our moms and are covered in DORITOS dust.

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