Kids Try Picking Out Their Outfits For The First Time And Hilariously Fail

Want to marvel at how far you've come as a human being? These itty-bitties dressing themselves will make you feel like the most accomplished adult in the universe.

They can't help that their arms are tiny and easily snagged by armholes.

They don't realize pants are constant struggles faced sometimes even by grown-ups.

They remain especially unaware of how few of the clothes they consider to be hats are universally recognized as actual hats.

Regardless of how relentlessly untalented these little kids are at dressing themselves, they're all so freaking adorable, I could gouge my eyes out now and live peacefully knowing the last thing I ever saw was some teeny peanut boldly wearing swim trunks as a ski mask.

Confidence, guys. It makes everything look great.

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