Kid Wearing 'Beast Mode' Shirt Gets Knocked Out After Trying To Start A Fight (Video)

by Connor Toole

I know it goes without saying, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I noted the irony of this kid's "Beast Mode" shirt. I'm not exactly sure how he was expecting this to end, but I'm guessing it didn't involve leaking blood onto Marshawn Lynch's catch phrase.

I've watched this video a few times and I still don't understand what was going through his mind. As is too often the case, the cameraman only started filming when things started to get good, so there's no real background on what's going on here.

Based on the "fighting stance" he made after hitting a fish with his face, he's a kung fu fighter trained in the Drunken Monkey fighting style, but he still has a little bit of work to do.

I think the most important takeaways from this video are: A) When you keep asking someone to hit you, they probably will and B) An off-brand "Beast Mode" t-shirt is not Tony Stark's suit -- pulling it over your head isn't going to cancel out the fact that your forearms are bigger than your biceps.

Maybe next time.

H/T: Bro Bible