Hilarious Video Reveals Just How Much Katniss Everdeen Loves Pita (Video)

In a series of 30-plus Vines from Scottish film director Ryan McHenry, Ryan Gosling refused to eat his cereal.

The late McHenry, who passed away in May 2015, made several compilations from Gosling's films, showing the actor pulling away from a spoon full of cereal McHenry held up to the screen.

Check out one of McHenry's last Vines below:

Ry Gos showed his support for McHenry's creative "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal" series with a response Vine on the day of the Vine star's death:

Now, continuing McHenry's legacy, YouTube creator PistolShrimps is turning our attention to Jennifer Lawrence's love of pita.

In the video above, a compilation of scenes from the "Hunger Games" series, Katniss Everdeen is calling on male tribute Peeta Mellark.

Instead of showing Peeta's face, however, the comedians at PistrolShrimps hold up a pita sandwich because Katniss sure loves her pita!

The video is hilarious, but now we're hungry. Pita and hummus, anyone? Yum. Pita and street meat? Now we're talkin'.