Kanye West Did The Most Kanye West Thing At His Friend's Wedding


Kanye West was at the wedding of Dave Grutman (a famous nightclub owner) in Miami (where nightclubs are), and (for the second time in his life) he decided to steal the mic from someone giving a heartfelt speech.

After grabbing the mic in his signature fashion, Kanye shouted,

Imma let you finish, BUT Dave and Isabela had one of the best weddings of all time!

It's OK -- you can stop holding your breath -- because everyone loved it.

I mean, it's actually really nice to see Kanye West having a sense of humor about himself for once. After all, Kanye West making fun of Kanye West is about as rare as Donald Trump saying he's sorry.

But who knows, maybe Kanye just used this joke as an excuse to have people be cool with him grabbing the mic. It seems almost impossible for Kanye to be somewhere where there is a mic and not be yelling into it.

That said, if Kanye really wanted to be funny, he would've said,

Imma let you finish, BUT Jay Z and Beyoncé had one of the best weddings of ALL TIME!

Come on, stay true to your brand, Kanye.

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