Justin Bieber Is Actually A Female Magazine Model From The 1990s (Photo)

There are some people out there who claim time travel is impossible, which either means Nicolas Cage and Orlando Bloom are immortal, or they've used their money to figure out how to exploit wormholes in the universe.

A delusional person might look at those pictures and chalk them up to something called "coincidence," but I think it's far more likely celebrities are part of a vast conspiracy to explore as much of space and time as they possibly can.

If you need more proof this ironclad theory is true, I suggest you look no further than this photo of Justin Bieber back when he was a female magazine model in the late 80s or early 90s:

Again, you could argue this is totally serendipitous -- especially when you consider we've personally watched Justin Bieber grow from a prepubescent boy into a prepubescent man over the past few years -- but I don't buy it.

The picture was first posted to Reddit's r/mildlyinteresting, and while I can't find the source, the person who submitted it said it wasn't Photoshopped. I know he or she is telling the truth because you can't tell lies on the Internet.

This leaves only one explanation: Justin Bieber can travel through time. Someone should warn the rest of history.