Jonah Hill's Body Has Drastically Changed Over The Course Of His Career

Ever since Fatty Arbuckle captured the hearts and minds of moviegoers by repeatedly hitting himself in the face with a pie, American cinema has had an increasingly illicit love affair with "the funny fat guy."

It's far from the only reason they were successful, but when you look at performers like Chris Farley and Curly from "The Three Stooges," it's hard to separate their big personalities from the bodies that stored them.

Saying "fat people aren't funny when they're skinny" is about as original (and stands up to about as much scrutiny) as "women can't be funny ever," but that didn't stop Salon from examining the topic after Jonah Hill's dramatic weight loss in 2010.

Speaking of Jonah -- what has he been up to recently?


The photograph above was taken on the set of "Arms and the Dudes," a movie about an arms deal between the United States and Afghanistan where Hill apparently plays the Earth.

I don't know the story behind this picture, and while there's a chance he could have just gotten the "Tropic Thunder" treatment, I don't think you'd need a fat suit for either of the guys the movie is based on.

How does this compare to Jonah's other roles? See for yourself.

Accepted (2006)

Playing, as you probably know, the character of Andy Milonakis.

Superbad (2007)

He might have been the chunky kid who probably never would have had a chance with Emma Stone, but it looks like he lost the Freshman 15 (and a few more) when he went from college to high school.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

When your idol ignores your mixtape and decides to carry on living his life, you're allowed to let yourself go a little bit.

Funny People (2009)

Jonah didn't really lose (or gain) any weight for a few years...

Get Him To The Greek (2010)

But he did gain an appreciation for brown t-shirts featuring bands you've never heard of.

Moneyball (2011)

There's a reason Brad Pitt got the lead role in "Moneyball," just like there's a reason Jonah Hill got the part of "nerdy baseball executive who never actually played baseball."

21 Jump Street (2012)

This isn't Jonah Hill. I've heard reports to the contrary, but I refuse to believe them.

The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

You don't have a Dad Body. Jonah Hill has a Dad Body (and the buttoned-up polo to go along with it).

The Lego Movie (2014)

In 2014, Jonah managed to drastically cut his weight down to an impressive two grams! He also turned into a Lego superhero.

22 Jump Street (2014)

Apparently transforming from a person to a Lego and back to a person against consumes less energy than you'd think.