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People Keep Photoshopping This Pic Of Jennifer Lawrence Playing Basketball


Jennifer Lawrence is known for being an Oscar-winning actress, playing Katniss "Good at Arrow Stuff" Everdeen and constantly falling down at award shows in a way that makes us all want to give her all our money.

She is not, on the other hand, known for basketball. Not until now, at least.

Jennifer (it's cool, she and I are on a first-name basis) was photographed shooting some hoops (outside of school when a couple of guys, who were up to no good, started making some trouble in my neighborhood! Sorry, it's a reflex), and the picture is hilarious.

OK, so here is the original picture.

Now, I'm terrible at basketball, and my best friend Jen might actually be dope, but the Internet couldn't let this picture go. The subreddit /r/photoshopbattles basically had a Photoshop feeding frenzy with it, and the results are delights.

I'm sure she has a super good grip now, though.

This one works way too well. It's weird.

TBH, I feel like these cats are gonna do a lot of murdering tiny J Law in a second.

People put so much effort into these...

...and we are so lucky they did.

This is what this country is all about...

...people sitting alone in rooms and photoshopping celebrities into the mouths of large fish.

That's what the Founding Fathers hoped would happen when they created this great nation.

That, and "Thriller."

Oh, and video games. Washington would've loved "Call of Duty," big time.

Don't worry, the Photoshop army didn't forget to put her in "The Walking Dead"...

...or make her into a fractal.

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No. It's just a celebrity photographed on her day off.