This Is Probably What Jay Z's Response Album To 'Lemonade' Would Look Like


Jay Z is rumored to be making a response album to Lemonade.

Now, unless you've been living under a rock on one of Saturn's moons, you've at least heard of Beyoncé's album and HBO film Lemonade.

But for the three of you out there who have been too busy watching "Murder, She Wrote" (this is the only thing that is enthralling enough to distract a reasonable person), Beyoncé made a whole (spectacular) record about how Jay Z cheated on her. Well, the album is about a lot of things, but that's one of the things that rings loud and clear. It's a giant, musical masterpiece F*CK YOU (with some resolution at the end).

No information has, as of yet, been released regarding Jay Z's response album, but I thought I'd make some predictions. And yes, if any of these come true, I expect to be paid by Tidal.

First of all, if the album isn't titled The Lemons or Lemons, Jay Z needs to find a new career.

As for the track list, I've made a mockup of all the most likely song titles.

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