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Jay Pharoah Crushes Impressions Of Famous Black Comedians During 'SNL' Skit

OK, so if you didn't know, black stand-up kings Kevin Hart and Katt Williams have been beefing recently after Williams called Hart a "puppet."

Not sure what that means, though it might have something to do with the fact Kevin Hart never pulled a gun on anyone, like Katt Williams apparently can't stop doing. (Everyone knows pointing guns at people is only a thing a non-puppet can pull off.)

Apparently, Katt Williams and Kevin Hart met and buried the hatchet (which is a weird expression because it really just sounds like people covering up a murder). Jay Pharoah, a "Saturday Night Live" comedian and my favorite Ben Carson impersonator, decided to explain what that meeting was like.

As Pharoah saw it, the two comedians got together with other comedy greats, including Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Hannibal Buress and more. (Bill Cosby was not invited for obvious reasons.)

In this video, Jay Pharoah absolutely destroys nine impressions in a row, making it sound like everyone is talking to each other and leaving all of us speechless.

Honestly, I feel gluttonous hearing these impressions all at once. I want to listen to Pharoah do these all day.

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