January Jones From 'Mad Men' Low-Key Has The Funniest Instagram Ever

January Jones, primarily known for her role as Betty Draper on AMC's "Mad Men" and being the most beautiful person alive on God's Earth, has an amazing (and super weird) Instagram.

January Jones isn't especially recognized for her comedic sensibilities, but clearly she should be because this sh*t is incredible.

She mixes glamorous photo shoot photographs with hilarious captions with just f*cking weird photographs of her toilet, Play-Doh, a creepy talking doll and more. Yeah, you can get totally lost in her feed.

So, don't worry. I made a special selection of images for you.

Oh, and please pay special attention to her hashtag game, which is off-the-charts bonkers.

"I've been trying really hard to eat healthy."

The building blocks of a healthy diet.

"Damnit Leo! #personalspaceissues"

This is why you can't have an Oscar, Leonardo. You're an animal.

"For the kids."

The kids, you know. This is for them.


A lot of Jones' posts are like this. She posts a picture of her being a ridiculously beautiful person in a photo shoot and points out how f*cking goofy photo shoot poses can be.

"Just taking a break from digging a hole."

This is how I imagine fashion photographers come up with ideas for shoots: "What is something that is super, super boring? OK, let's have a model in an evening gown do that."

"Here's me attempting to get out of a bed/chair thingy."

Fashion photographer: "OK, so it is a very hot day and you have swamp ass and you are getting up to go get a Kleenex -- GO!"

"Dudes. Has anyone ever seen this movie?! It's really funny slash cool. James Earl Jones is in it to seal the deal."

She has a whole sequence of Instas where she just pretends to have never seen "Star Wars."

"Stop your griping, Helen. I said I was sorry!"

And this genius call about these two birds that look like an arguing couple.

"Thoughts on my future as a sculptress?? #playdohmaster #itsafrog"

It's a frog.

"This is sweet n all but I can't help but always wonder if she's wishing he would stop smelling her nose"

In some cultures, people smell each other's noses as a symbol of respect. I forget where. Canada, I think.

"This me at work."

And occasionally she just gets really weird and creepy. Like this time where she just let this doll force its way into your nightmares forever.

"There's a story here... #ormaybetheresnotastoryandsomeonewasjusttoolazytothrowtheirshoesINthegarbage #NEARthegarbagedoesntcountyall #freesandyshoesavailnearagarbagecanonabeach"

Yeah, her hashtag game is VERY aggressive. But do yourself a favor -- if you care about living life -- and read to the end.