Ikea Just Trolled Kanye West's Dream To Make Furniture By Using His Own Lyrics

Kanye West is a man of many interests. From being a musical powerhouse to a Twitter rant pioneer, Mr. West has rarely been satisfied to stay in his artistic box.

And it seems that furniture design is next on his creative bucket list.

After a trip to IKEA, he started workshopping ideas for a possible partnership with the Swedish company directly on Twitter. The piece of furniture in question: a bed.

Now, OK, picture a bed. Just picture one in your head.

Yup, that's exactly what Kanye had in mind.

It's just the archetype of "bed" — basically an emoji of one.

After sending out one picture, he felt the need to make his design a bit clearer, so he sent this extremely detailed and intricate follow-up for their possible partnership:

Wow. Clearly, his creative genius musically is nearly matched by his genius when it comes to furniture design.

IKEA played along, posting this design on Facebook for the bed featured in Kanye's infamous "Famous" video, where he slept in bed with naked celebrities in order to ART.

Please note their pretty hilarious caption here (whoever is running their social media just earned their salary).

IKEA asked Kanye for more designs — but while we're waiting for that to happen, I thought I'd take a guess at the sort of things Yeezy might come up with.

Kanye, feel free to use any of these ideas. Just credit me as "a friend."

Alec MacDonald
Alec MacDonald
Alec MacDonald
Alec MacDonald
Alec MacDonald
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