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People Are Actually Blaming Iggy Azalea For Ruining 'Furious 7'


While making the second film in the now eternal "Fast and the Furious" franchise, someone decided the movie needed a rapper from Atlanta -- and that kids, is how Ludacris became an actor.

While making the most recent installment (which made all the other movies feel bad at the box office last weekend), someone decided one Georgia-based hip-hop artist simply wouldn't do, and that's why Iggy Azalea shows up in "Furious 7."

I haven't gotten around to seeing the movie, but I was able to find a clip of her brief cameo -- a cameo that included the rapper uttering the phrase:

Based on these reactions, a few people were not fans:


That's kind of ironic.

Hatred for Iggy knows no borders.

Destroyed in the blink of a Vine.

I heard a rumor it was actually one of the Wayans brothers.

You know it's serious when people start sucking their teeth.

You can't prove this didn't happen.

I think they're handing out Oscars for that starting next year.

That seems like a reasonable reaction.

These are the spoilers people need to see.

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